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I have been a fitness enthusiast and athletic competitor my entire life. Studying and practicing ways to improve athletic performance has been a life-long passion for me. I have trained with kettlebells for over 3 years and have completed multiple CrossFit kettlebell certifications. In addition to kettlebells, I use olympic weights, sleds, sandbags, TRX suspension, medicine balls, plyo boxes, pull up bars, rings, dip stations and various other tools to optimize training effectiveness. I am well qualified to share my knowledge and experience to help other people achieve their fitness and athletic performance goals.

December 28, 2009

Use Multiple Tools To Achieve Optimum Results

I love kettlebells.  In fact, I love them so much I pursued a training certification and started a personal training business around their use.  If you pressed me to pick one piece of training equipment, kettlebells would be my #1 choice.  My personal experience and the people I have introduced to kettlebells would testify that they are an awesome training tool and the results speak for themselves.  If you want to lose weight, increase muscular strength, improve overall body movement and flexibility, then kettlebells are perfect for you.  Kettlebells fit perfectly with the "functional fitness" concept.

If you are a competitive athlete, there are other tools that should be added into your regimine to optimize results.  To be a complete athlete you need to be able to run, jump, twist, push, pull, squat and lunge. 

If you train with me, I will frequently have you use the following tools...

  • Explosive Movements...swings, cleans, snatches
  • Strength Movements...presses, Turkish Get Ups, squats, walking / tactical lunges, overhear / rack / farmers walks, renegade rows
  • Metabolic Conditioning...swings, deck squats, snatches, thrusters
Olympic Weights
  • Power Movements...deadlifts, power cleans, power high pulls, squats
  • Rotational & Core strength...rotational lift to platform
  • Explosive Movements...overhead throws
  • Hip & Leg Strength...Zercher lunges, squats & walks
Medicine Balls (Dynamax)
  • Explosive Strength...miscellaneous vertical, horizontal and rotational throws, wall balls / thrusters
Plyo Box
  • Leg / Hip Strength & Jumping Ability...speed jumps, weighted step ups, box squats
  • Altitude Drops, Depth Drops to improve eccentric response time
TRX Suspension
  • Pushing & Core Strength...atomic push ups, plyo push ups, planks, handstand push ups
  • Pulling Strength...rows
  • Leg & Core Strength...lunges, pistols
Pull Up Bar / Rings
  • Upper Body Pulling Strength...body weight / weighted pull ups
  • Abdominal Strength...hanging leg raises
  • Pushing Strength...ring dips
Dip Station...Pushing strength

Other stuff...weight vest, belt for adding weight to pull ups and dips, jump ropes, bands to increase eccentric load and for building lateral hip strength

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Improves Physical Performance

Whether you are a middle age weekend warrior, play football, basketball, soccer or practice mixed martial arts, adding kettlebell movements will improve your performance.

Promotes Total Body Flexibility

When performing the ballistic movements, you will improve range of motion, movement patterns and flexibility of the hips, back and shoulders.

Improves Functional Strength

All of the core kettlebell movements; swing, clean, snatch, press, deadlift, squat, renegade row and Turkish get-up are compound movements that require the body to work as a unit. The key to functional exercise is integration. It's about teaching all the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently.

Improves Endurance

Kettlebells are frequently used in circuit training, high intensity interval training and for single sets that may exceed 10 minutes in duration.

Reduces Body Fat

It’s a proven fact that resistance training using explosive full body movements and high intensity is the most efficient fat burning protocol. In a recent issue of Health Magazine Jillian Michaels called kettlebells the "Ultimate Fat-Burner" She went on to say..."This workout is metabolic, so it burns a ton of calories." "It incorporates explosive movements. It's core based, so it will make you stronger. And it forces your body to use multiple muscle groups simultaneously, which burns more calories."

Rehabilitates and / or Prevents Injury

The acceleration/deceleration of kettlebell movements strengthens connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, cartilage) and increases shoulder mobility strength and flexibility. Many people have made huge improvements in their back strength and resiliency as a result of using kettlebells.

Convenient & Portable

All you need is a very small space about 4’ x 6’ and about 8’ high ceilings. I typically train in my garage, but when the weather is too hot or cold I can get a great workout in my bedroom. I take my kettlebells with me while on business trips and family vacations. I have trained in hotel rooms, local parks, on the beach and pretty much anywhere I can find a small patch of grass. I even keep a Kettlebell in my car so whenever I have the urge I can catch a spontaneous workout.

Time Efficient

You can get an amazing strength and cardio workout in 30 minutes. If you don’t believe me, let’s schedule 30 minutes together sometime soon.

Anyone Can Use Them

Most people think kettlebells are only for elite military forces, college and professional athletic teams and mixed martial arts fighters. Sure these people use kettlebells because their livelihood demands them to be in peak physical condition. I have taken Kettlebell classes in many major US cities and find that most of the class attendees are women. I will anticipate the next question from the ladies… no kettlebells won’t make you bulky. They will give you a very lean, tone and athletic look.

Check out this YouTube Video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-97pH9eBfw


If you are interested in purchasing kettlebells, I recommend checking out Muscle Driver. Their Grey Version 2 kettlebells are high quality and the lowest price I have found anywhere. I have a link to their web site on the top of my blog.


Most people find Kettlebell training fun. You can use them for strength and power training. You can use them for long endurance or fast paced interval training. You can use one or two bells at a time. Some people throw them. Some people like to practice juggling them. Of course there are about 12 core exercises, but there are many more if you let your imagination take over.